Tip n°1

Use a detergent for wool, never add a whitener nor a softener

It is necessary to use a detergent made especially for wool because it is softer than normal detergents. The Merino wool fibers are made of proteins similar to human hair. Normal washing products and whiteners are too abrasive and would risk pilling your sweater.

Tip n°2

Wash your Merino sweater by hand rather than by machine

Soak your sweater in cold or lukewarm water (max. 30°) so that the fibers absorb the water. Swish it around without wringing it. You can lightly scrub the dirty parts. Let your sweater soak for 2/3 mn so the dirt dissolves in the detergent for wool and water.

Tip n°3

Avoid dry cleaning

Like normal detergents, softeners and whiteners, dry cleaning uses aggressive chemicals. Too much dry cleaning could damage the Merino fibers. Remember that Merino fiber is a natural fiber which benefits from the contact with water.

Tip n°4

Dry your sweater flat away from a heat source

By drying it flat, your sweater will keep its natural shape. Place you sweater on a terry cloth towel or a white cotton sheet to avoid color transfer. You can roll up your sweater in a towel and gently press it to absorb as much water as possible. From time to time, you should turn your sweater over to speed up the drying process. To avoid shrinkage, keep your sweater away from any heat source, radiator or sun.

Tip n°5

If necessary, lightly iron with a lot of steam

The shape of your sweater depends upon the position in which it was dried. If you wish to iron it, know that Merino wool loves steam. It is advised to iron it at low temperature with a lot of steam. Remember that Merino wool is a natural fiber which is known to unwrinkle with skin contact.

Tip n°6

The importance of using a moth repellent

Moths are attracted to Merino wool. Think about using natural moth repellent. This will also protect your other garments.

Tip n°7

Oxygen as detergent

Merino wool has the ability to clean itself with oxygen. You can air your sweater 24 to 48 hours outside or in an open room. This will allow you to wear your sweater two times longer before the next washing.